We believe there is a new type of student. A student that gains life skills that they don’t teach in the classroom. Students who are empowered with the tools, vision and beliefs to help them live their best life so they can change the world.

Hi, I’m Sam Moinet.

I am a teacher, speaker and student life coach and founder of Student Breakthrough. We aim to revolutionise emotional support for young people and create lasting change for future generations. We solve problems for students by using our 3B programme of Boost, Believe and Breakthrough to help them; dream about their future success, believe in themselves and who they are and to achieve in vital aspects of their lives.

The reason why?

From teaching history in the UK for five years I found that so many students failed to achieve the grades they wanted, lacked self-confidence and were not motivated to achieve their very best. Having all of that experience working with students I started to realise that I wanted to have a bigger impact working with young people to support them in becoming more happy and successful. I realised that there is more to education than just data, tests and results. I wanted to help and inspire students to achieve greatness in every corner of their lives. Then I came into contact with coaching.

Student Breakthrough