What is your biggest challenge with mental health provision in your school?

As a teacher myself, I know that lots of us are often educators, counsellors, and life coaches all rolled into one!

At Student Breakthrough, we believe all teachers and staff in schools should have a basic level of mental health awareness and understand the issues affecting children and young people’s emotional wellbeing.

We are passionate about helping teachers and educators to become student coaches and learn new skills to powerfully impact the lives of young people. During these emotionally testing and resource-draining times, our students need individual, unhindered, expert emotional support more than ever. Likewise, teachers need easy, expert support in delivering it.


The solution? The Breakthrough Mental Health Curriculum, our bespoke coach training CPD and mental health support for your staff and students.


  • Constant support in developing a mental health policy
  • Train your staff in revolutionary student coaching techniques
  • Reduce anxiety and skyrocket motivation in your students


The best part? This can all be delivered online!

We are currently updating our school programmes. Please email [email protected] to find out more information.