Educators Coaching Academy


World-class mental health coach training for teachers and educators.

At the Educators Coaching Academy (ECA) we support, empower and inspire school leaders and teachers to become confident mental health coaches – resulting in a positive, supportive coaching culture across the whole organisation.

  • Ground-breaking mental health coach training programmes
  • Skyrockets the wellbeing of teachers and educators
  • Long-lasting skills and techniques proven to boost student mental health
  • Five-star CPD programme and ICF Accreditation



What We Do…

  • We coach students to develop resilient mental health, boost their confidence and transform their motivation
  • We train staff with CPD accredited coach training so that they develop new skills to empower their students
  • We support parents and carers with our revolutionary coaching strategies to help their children thrive.


The best part? All of our programmes can be delivered online or in-person.