Ella’s Testimonial

What have you loved about coaching?

I’ve loved the journey and the process. Student Breakthrough has completely changed my perspectives and my priorities.

What impact has coaching had on your grades and school life?

I now actually do the work that is set in class and I finish my homework as soon as I get it which has made me so much more organised. I complete all my catch up work as I missed a whole year of school every day and as a result my work ethic has shifted to a more positive mindset. Due to Student Breakthrough I actually want to complete school work. My grades have drastically shot up.

What impact has coaching had on your relationships? (parents/friends etc)

My parents and I get on along much better and our relationship is a lot healthier because of Student Breakthrough, this is mainly down to creating a healthier mindset. I now put in a lot more effort with my friends and I am creating stronger relationships. I feel like I have a stronger support system around me to deal with any problem.

What life skills have you learnt through coaching?

I have gained a lot of life skills through Student Breakthrough. Some that jump out at me are self-discipline, using your passion to become successful and reach personal goals. I have learnt how to deal with people in tough situations, how to improve academic success. One of the big skills I have learnt is how to deal with mental issues eg – my OCD. This has massively changed my life.


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