So I have just finished the 10 week course with Ella and I am absolutely buzzing. The level of progress that this 15 year old has made is immense and I am SO happy for her.

The Wheel of Life is a classic life coaching tool. Students rate each area of their life out of 10. The aim is never to get a full 10 but just to bring an awareness to the student about areas in their life that they might want to work on.

Check out the picture above I just took of her first ever wheel of life (26/10/18) and the one she just completed ten minutes ago (11/01/2018).

I WAS SHOCKED. Literally blown away and so was she.

School 1 >> 8.5

Ella started the course super down about school having recently moved to the UK from Australia. In the ‘Boost’ section of the programme Ella took some amazing action. This involved – messaging all of her teachers to ask for help and support, started using a laptop in lessons which allowed her to catch up on work faster and organised all her work using new folders and a planner.

Health 2 >> 9

Ella started the 3B course feeling very unhealthy and demotivated to improve her fitness. A breakthrough for Ella was she joined a local boxing club and it really helped her unleash some frustrations whilst also improving her physical fitness. As well as that Ella improved her eating habits to have a healthier and balanced diet. This was all action that she came up with and she took!

Growth 2 >> 9.5

This is the one that really jumped out at me. Ella has learnt SO many tools and strategies to give her that head start in life. She really had discovered what motivates and drives her and this has led to a massive shift in her personal and spiritual growth

The best part and why I am buzzing… Ella came up with all of this action on her own! This is why coaching and giving that 1-1 support to students is vital in our education system. Giving students a chance to talk about themselves and letting them come up with their own action is vitally important.

I am truly humbled, amazed and buzzed by this last session with Ella and the last 10 weeks. Literally sat here with the biggest smile on my face as I know this 15 year old is going to smash life and achieve great things.

I encourage you and your child to sign up for a free breakthrough consultation and experience the power of coaching!

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