What a weekend.

Imagine spending two full days with some of the most inspiring, genuine and amazing people that you have ever met in your life. Then add in loads of personal development and learning. I left the event on Sunday with the most insane amount of energy and drive and the best part is, all of this will benefit my students that I am coaching for the rest of my life.

So here are my big three take-aways from the Create Your Breakthrough event.

1. I now fully believe in my mission 100%.

Coming into the event I felt I really did believe in my mission and the reason why I set up Student Breakthrough; ‘to inspire and create success, happiness and wellbeing in students across the world.’ Having left the event I now fully understand my mission in a more deeper way. It feels like it has become a part of me and my soul. I am willing to sacrifice even more to help students lead successful, happy  and amazing lives which they all deserve.

2. Growth mindset.

The ability to see each mistake or challenge as a learning opportunity was something that I did believe in prior to the event. Or so I thought. I now have a deeper understanding of what it means and I am committed 100% to embrace all my future failures and sacrifices as a learning experience. Ben Allsop, one of the powerful speakers said he asks himself these two questions after each failure.

1, what can I learn from this?

2, How can I use this knowledge in the future?

This was an absolute game changer for me and I connected with it to such an extent it is now written on my whiteboard at home. This is going to help my learning and growth improve so much, especially when the going gets tough

3. People are awesome.

The people that attended Create Your Breakthrough were truly amazing human beings. Raghav Parkash who organised the whole thing was a top guy and all the speakers and crew were so inspirational. It was really weird as I didn’t know these people before but after spending all weekend with them, I felt I fully trusted them 100% and they had my back. I am going to spend more time with people who align with my mission as it is definitely a fast track to success which will inspire more students to succeed.

In summary the event has made me more focussed than ever and motivated to help out as many students as I can. I am going to bring in so much more love into my business.

Buzzing for the future and all the challenges that life throws at me.