So, as we are approaching exam season, that infamous word pressure is on the rise with students taking mock exams and gearing themselves up for the real deal in a couple of months’ time. It was only 11 years ago when I was sitting my GCSE’s. I have taught over 150 students in year 11 up to when they sit their GCSE history exams. I totally get the pressure and the fact that students are hearing that voice inside saying things like…

“You haven’t got it’

“You’re going to fail”

“You aren’t cut out for this”

“You know nothing”

This voice is preaching fear and it is a massive killer for students and their success at GCSE. This pain is real for all students to some degree, and unfortunately the solution is only touched on at schools. There is just not enough time in the day or resources to properly coach students on how to address pressure and exam fear.

This is exactly what one of my clients James (16) is experiencing right now. If I am honest, he is a very chilled out guy but even he starting to feel that voice get louder and louder.

We had an awesome coaching session today addressing the pressure he is feeling and the energy we both felt after was immense. James was able to address why he is feeling the pressure head on and was able to see the voice as something he can both control and use.

After James and me looked at his future. I led James through a Future Self exercise where he looked at his life from 5/10 years and I could see his face light up as he was having some serious breakthrough moments. From this exercise James was able to realise that he can reduce this pressure he is feeling by simply a choice of mind-set. We set some awesome action for James to check in on his future self before his English mock tomorrow.

His future-self’s message – “try your best, it will all work out in the end, you’ve got this!”

This might seem SO simple, but without a Student Breakthrough coach to tease these insights out with deep and meaningful questions, it would never have come about.

It literally always amazes me that students know everything they need to do, it just takes certain questions to inspire them to realise they are great and have all the tools they need to success.

Student Breakthrough reduces that inner voice and pushes a positive, growth mind-set. One where any student is capable of achieving their dreams.

Student Breakthrough is a revolutionary way to transform students’ lives.

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